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2023-01-13 13:00:34 By : Ms. Diana Wang

3D printing and laser engraving are both currently in high demand among the creative hobbyists around the world. And with the rise of super powerful and feature rich models they can deliver almost industrial grade results even in home settings. The Atomstack brand is an already well known maker of the high-end laser engravers and today we have for you a very interesting piece from their selection. This time a super portable and versatile Atomstack M4 model, that can be even used as a handheld one. And with a massive Black Friday promo on top of all that as well.

Atomstack M4 uses a super powerful 20W infrared 1064nm wavelength fiber laser, which really pushes the envelope of industrial level of quality. The machine really brings fast and fine engraving to everybody. With the three-lens point compression you can get marking line as small as 0.001mm. Paired with engraving speed of 12.000 mm/s, K9 dual optical lens and the 0.05mm ultra-long and ultra-long fiber laser you can create 4K level high pixel engravings in no time. Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

2-in-1 handheld Atomstack M4 fiber laser engraver on sale - Gizchina.com

With the 2-in-1 design you can use the device both in desktop and handheld modes. That allows you to engrave even non-planar objects and use it on non-horizontal surfaces with different elevations. The supported range of possible materials is also extra wide as well. You can engrace metals and alloys, ABS, epoxy resin, wood, ceramics, stone and much more. So it’s perfect for stuff like logo engraving on electronic products, jewellry engraving and much more.

Atomstack is also more secure using 1064nm wavelength red light, cold light source to avoid accidental touch burns. With the dual infrared light positioning design you can easily preview the frame projection as well. One Click Repeat Job function is also a great feature for easy repetitive engraving. And with the bottom window and lifting equipment you can even break through the 96mm height limit for ultra-high item engraving. On top of all that, the machine has really small power decas and ykou can each up to 30.000 working hours with it.

And you can currently get the Atomstack M4 fiber laser engraver for a very good price on Amazon by Atomstack Direct. The discount coupon M4025OZB will slash full 25% off to reach the price of just $1,274.99. This Black Friday promo is valid from November 24th 12.00 AM till November 28th 11.59 PM. So make sure to catch it in time.

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2-in-1 handheld Atomstack M4 fiber laser engraver on sale - Gizchina.com

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